Holy Cross Anglican School

Holy Cross is only as strong as its supporters. As HCAS has only been open four school years to date, even the smallest involvement from has a positive and noticeable impact on the students’ experience, health, and education. While supporters have already helped make Holy Cross a special place, we need your help. Please see the list below for ideas on how you can contribute. Contact hcefoundation@gmail.com if you would like to contribute. The list is not comprehensive. All ideas are welcome.

Organize an outreach trip to HCAS
HCAS is run by volunteer efforts. All ages are welcome to come and help tutor, build, organize, cook, paint and get to know HCAS.

Examples of past trips: a team of doctors has volunteered their time for basic health care for the students, a group of youth helped build eco-friendly bathrooms, groups help run summer school, groups help repaint the classrooms and cafeteria.

The Feeding Program
HCAS students receive 2 meals per day. For some kids, this is the only nutrition they receive. The feeding program is unique to Ambergris Caye; however, obtaining food inputs can be expensive due to the geography of the school. HCAS takes great pride in providing nutritionally balanced meals to its students.

Sponsor the feeding program through a donation drive, by writing a grant application, or helping to find a means to less expensive food for the school. Also, just $25/ month feeds a child for one school year. Recurring donation options are available on this site's donation page.

Board Game Drive
While formalized curriculum in school is cornerstone to HCAS, board games allow students to develop social skills, leadership skills, direction following, build friendships, and help them enjoy their educational experience. The majority of the board games at HCAF are either missing key components or are travel size from past volunteers.

We are looking for games for ages kindergarten to eighth grade.

Sponsor a Student
For just $500 individuals or groups can sponsor a student’s entire year of schooling. Sponsors receive a photo and periodic communication from the student. Student sponsorship has proven to be a key motivating factor in students’ success at school.

See the article written in the Texas Episcopalian about HCAS http://www.hcefoundation.org/news.php?content=article

Write a grant
As HCAS is funded by donation, grants are a viable means for the doors to the school to stay open

Volunteer your talents and think outside the box
Your unique skill set can improve HCAS. Wind and solar energy specialists have volunteered their expertise to help get green energy to the school, education personnel have helped improve and innovate the schools’ curriculum, dentists have helped with HCAS students’ physical health, advocates of the school have published articles and videos to spread the word, youth have had pancake breakfasts to help fund the school – think outside the box and let us know if there is a way we can help!

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