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Watch for Holy Cross in the upcoming issue of Texas Episcopalian

Sep 1st 2010

Holy Cross Anglican School will be featured in the upcoming issue of Texas Episcopalian. The article will feature two Holy Cross graduates, Miriam and Estrella. In 2009, through hard work and generous financial support from Good Shepherd Kingwood Church in Texas, these students and others received the financial support they needed to continue their education.

Holy Cross Education Foundation is excited to be a part of the 2010/2011 scholarship program. Sponsors can visit the donation page to make online contributions and participate in the program for the upcoming school year.


HCEF Wins the Green Open Challenge

Aug 1st 2010

In just under three weeks, supporters of the Holy Cross Education Foundation (HCEF) raised a total of $35,000 during the Green Open Challenge hosted by is a non-profit marketplace that aims to connect community-based programs with donors. The Green Open Challenge vied twenty organizations with Green Certified projects against one another for a permanent spot on the website.

Over 150 unique donors contributed to the effort, earning HCEF a permanent spot on Donations totaled over $25,000, surpassing HCEF’s funding goal. Moreover, by exceeding $25,000 in donation, HCEF raised more money than the nineteen other organizations in the Green Open Challenge and was awarded a $10,000 bonus.

With the $35,000 raised, HCEF will install a combination of wind generators and solar panels on the school’s campus to reliably and more cost effectively power the dental clinic and the computer lab. Holy Cross School will save approximately $30,000 in energy costs per fiscal year, greatly decreasing the operating budget.

Had it not been for the overwhelming generosity and support from the friends and family of HCEF, there would not have been such impactful results. Green Open Challenge 2010

Jul 12th 2010

The race is on to receive a PERMANENT spot on the website! To qualify, all we need to do is: 1) raise any amount of money from at least 50 different donors (can be as little as $10)  and 2) raise a total dollar amount of $4,000.

Holy Cross has been selected to be one of 20 organizations to participate in the Global Giving Green Open Challenge 2010. The money raised will  help fund alternative energy sources, both solar panels and wind generators, to power the medical clinic and computer lab. For as little as $10 you can supply enough alternative energy to power a computer for a month. For just $75 you can supply enough alternative energy to power the medical clinic for a month.

Not only could Holy Cross achieve a permanent spot on, the school could be awarded ADDITIONAL funds through the Green Open Challenge. The top 3 projects that raise the most funds will receive $10,000, $5,000 and $3,000 respectively. The top three projects with the greatest number of unique donors will earn $4,000, $2,000, and $1,000 respectively.
We only have until July 30, 2010. So donate today!

Support Holy Cross in the Green Open Challenge

Summer 2010 Corporate Donation Matching Program

May 20th 2010

Holy Cross Education Foundation

Summer 2010 Corporate Donation Matching Program

Amount designated for Corporate Match - $15,000.00 USD

Terms of the Program:  All donations made to the foundation by August 1, 2010 either through the website or by check to the foundation will be matched by an equal amount upto $15,000.00.

Use of funds:  To help cover the operaing costs of the school.

All donations made through the foundation are tax deductible.

Mail checks to:

Holy Cross Education Foundation

7550 Corporate Way

Eden Prairie, MN 55344

Please contact Brian Ostenso, Chair of the Foundation at




New web site

Oct 17th 2009

The Holy Cross Education Foundation Website is open for business.


Check out the support tab and make a tax deductible donation through the foundation today.

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