Food Basket Program

December 7, 2020

The food basket program is in full swing, serving 100 families, all of whom have students to attend Holy Cross Anglican Primary School. Each basket has to have enough basic food staples such as rice, flour, beans, cooking oil, sugar salt, shortening, corn flakes milk, etc, as well, as some modest cleaning and sanitation supplies.…

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Teaching in Challenging Times

November 18, 2020

PERSEVERING THROUGH THE PANDEMIC When schools in Belize shut down in March, Holy Cross Anglican teachers scurried to create packets of review materials to send home with students. Teachers communicated with families however possible including using WhatsApp …and the school limped to end the year with a modified graduation for Standard VI and little celebration.…

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Persisting through the Pandemic

November 18, 2020

Gabriel, 11 years old in Standard 5, and Gary, 10 years old and in Standard 2, are students at Holy Cross Anglican School. They have lived on Ambergris Caye for 12 years with their mother, father and infant sister. Their father is unable to work due to back injuries and their mother, Martha, is a…

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Message from Principal Tasher

November 18, 2020

“I proudly watch how God has brought people together to ensure that Holy Cross students continue to receive their education.” Olivia Tasher, Principal To say that the year 2020 has been a challenging one is an understatement. Never in my thirty- eight years as an educator has there been anything like it. Each day since…

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Visioning a Future of Greater Self-Sufficiency

September 18, 2020

The Holy Cross Education Foundation is very grateful to be selected to receive a 2020 United Thank Offering (UTO, little blue boxes) grant. Sponsored by the Episcopal diocese of Minnesota the grant will provide a significant portion of the construction costs for a concrete cistern on the Holy Cross Anglican School property. The project goal…

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Reopening Holy Cross

June 23, 2020

We are writing this third message to you in the midst of racial struggle in the United States and continued concerns with COVID-19 virus protection and spread in Belize. Three of the Holy Cross Foundation Board live in the Minneapolis area, so the tensions in that city have been very personal. This has caused us…

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Preparing for a New School Year in Isolation

June 8, 2020

Welcome to our second update on the status of Holy Cross School and San Pedro. We pray that you and yours continue with good health. Even though Ambergris Caye remains COVID free, the residents of San Pedro are still required to follow the same protective guidelines for COVID – wear masks at all times, practice…

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Holy Cross in Pandemic Times

May 28, 2020

Warm greetings from the Holy Cross Education Foundation Board. As a valued supporter of Holy Cross School you are probably wondering what is happening on the island and at the school in these uncertain times. This is the first of three updates that we plan to send. As a Board we have “met” on a…

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Virginia’s Story

December 12, 2019

Virginia Vasquez currently works for a real estate closing & title company. She is an agent there and says that she absolutely loves it. “I don’t get to sell anyone any property but I bring the most important document to the table, the Land Certificate!” Virginia attended the local Catholic school for two years before…

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Rodell’s Story

November 27, 2019

Rodell Mendez  was 11 years old when a group from the University of Sioux Falls arrived in San Mateo to extend Holy Cross’ playground. Professor Kim Bartling and her 19 students came with 600 pounds of athletic equipment and a passion for children. They left after 10 days of tutoring, building land mass, erecting the…

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Scholarship Opportunities

November 19, 2018

Give a child the opportunity they may have never thought was possible. The cost to fully sponsor a student for an entire year is $500. Scholarship sponsors are matched with a student shortly after the beginning of the school year. These are students who need your contribution in order to continue their education. Sponsors receive a photo and three communications from their sponsored student throughout the school year.

Give a child the opportunity they may have never thought was possible. The cost to fully sponsor a student for an entire year is $500. Scholarship sponsors are matched with a student shortly after the beginning of the school year. These are students who need your contribution in order to continue their education. Sponsors receive a photo and three communications from their sponsored student throughout the school year.

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Letter from Principal Tasher

November 12, 2018
Principal Olivia Tasher

It is truly a privilege to be the newly appointed principal of Holy Cross Anglican School.

As the head of this great institution, I can assure you that I share in this school community’s dedication to caring for our students while providing them with a meaningful learning environment.

In 2009, I took up the challenging post as vice principal at Holy Cross Anglican School here in San Pedro. Assisting students to reach their full potential has always been my goal in my thirty-plus years as an educator. Teaching is my passion.

As the new principal, I aspire to a school culture and educational program conducive to student learning and development. I seek to foster positive behavior, student and staff teamwork and cooperation within the school’s environment. My experience has afforded me with tremendous opportunities to establish relationships with staff, students, parents, support staff, and members of the Holy Cross Education Foundation.

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A Message From Francis and Vernon

November 20, 2017

According to LearnersDictionary.com a miracle is “an unusual or wonderful event that is believed to be caused by the power of God” or “a very amazing or unusual event, thing, or achievement.” We believe that Holy Cross Anglican School In San Pedro, Belize Is a bit of both. It is a wonderfully amazing place that came into being because of God’s direction.

Now in its 11th year, Holy Cross provides the children of San Pedro and particularly those living In the San Mateo neighborhood, with a safe, loving space to learn and grow. We see miracles every day in the faces of the students, in their smiles and through their successes.

Since 2008, close to 400 children have graduated from Holy Cross with many of them continuing their education at high school and some even graduating from university. The stories of two of our greatest miracles are included with this mailing. As you read about Lester and Valdimir please know that your support of Holy Cross School, and that of your friends, ls the foundation on which these and many other miracles come to be.

We are so very grateful for your past support and hope that we can count on your continued gifts that will assure that the miracles persist. We invite you to visit the school when you can and lift it up in prayer regularly.

Thank you and may God bless you richly,
Francis & Vernon Wilson

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Mayor Danny and UNICEF Monitoring Children’s Rights

April 20, 2012
Mayor Daniel Guerrero held a meeting with UNICEF representative Christine Norton

On Tuesday, April 17, 2012, Mayor Daniel Guerrero held a meeting with UNICEF representative Christine Norton at the San Pedro Town Council to announce that they are working together to help create opportunities and monitor the rights of children on the island.Mrs. Norton stated, “The Mayor hit the ground running in expressing his plans and ideas in helping the children of San Pedro Town”. She provided the Mayor with some books that were just launched about Belize, such as “The Situation Analysis of Children & Women in Belize 2011” and “The National Plan of Action.”

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Industrial Stove Donation

November 18, 2010

Today Holy Cross Celebrated the donation of a new industrial stove with a ribbon cutting ceremony followed by lunch prepared by Chef Victor Nal of Sunset Grill.

Preparing and serving breakfast a fruit snack and lunch daily for 500 kids is no small feat – even the busiest restaurant in town does not serve that many daily let alone 5 days a week. Holy Cross School and kitchen staff headed by Miss Rosalia is very grateful for Chef Victor’s training help in the kitchen. Chef Victor is a frequent volunteer with the Feeding Program at the School and was recently selected Belize Chef of the year for 2009.

The stove is a gift from Tony and Ginger Rogers of Texas who volunteered at Holy Cross this past summer. Ginger was helping with literacy and remedial reading and Tony with building. They asked the school what was needed most and they went back home and raised the money for an industrial stove.

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Texas Episcopalian: Education is Foundation of Mission in Belize

September 19, 2010

Reprint of the September 2010 article in Texas Episcopalian, by Jimmy and Barbara Hemphill

Miriam’s mother needs a miracle. Every morning the first thing she thinks about is what she can sacrifice to help assure that her daughter finishes high school. The second thing she does is pray for a family at Good Shepherd, Kingwood – a family that donated the scholarship for Miriam’s first year of high school. Miriam and her mother live in San Mateo, one of the poorest parts of Belize, a tiny, poor country between Mexico and Guatemala on the Caribbean Sea. Her family cannot afford the cost of high school and the government does not financially support public education beyond the eighth grade.

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HCEF Wins the GlobalGiving.org Green Open Challenge

August 1, 2010
Global Giving green open challenge

In just under three weeks, supporters of the Holy Cross Education Foundation (HCEF) raised a total of $35,000 during the Green Open Challenge hosted by GlobalGiving.org. GlobalGiving.org is a non-profit marketplace that aims to connect community-based programs with donors. The Green Open Challenge vied twenty organizations with Green Certified projects against one another for a permanent spot on the GlobalGiving.org website.

With the $35,000 raised, HCEF will install a combination of wind generators and solar panels on the school’s campus to reliably and more cost effectively power the dental clinic and the computer lab. Holy Cross School will save approximately $30,000 in energy costs per fiscal year, greatly decreasing the operating budget.

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School News

September 13, 2009

Wow! School has started and 527 children are learning, playing, laughing and enjoying a nutritious feeding program here at Holy Cross. Only a few so far have been sent to the Office and we pray this trend will last throughout the year! As always we are counting on you, our friends and supporters, to make sure we can continue to offer the highest quality education program in the safest environment possible to the children of San Pedro.

Thanks be to God, hundreds of wonderful folks volunteered their time and talents here this summer. They painted (just about everything that didn’t move), installed insulation, built storm shutters, constructed a marvelous deck around the Upper Division, enlarged the Standard VI class to accommodate 39 (!) students, roofed an area adjacent to the cafeteria (thanks Tony!), repaired school furniture and organized lots of school supplies. In addition they held glorious, fun-filled, Christ-centered Vacation Bible Schools, conducted Literacy Programs (yea Ginger!) and offered swimming classes at the Tides. It was a very busy, enriching summer for our children. Thank you Volunteer Mission Teams. You helped keep our children safe and sound while preparing the school for this new year!!

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HCAS Receives $41,000 UTO Grant

September 1, 2009
UTO Grant

Holy Cross Anglican School opened in September 2006 with 62 students. When enrollment increased to 512 students in September 2008, inadequate bathroom facilities and an overworked septic system desperately needed to be replaced to continue to provide education in a healthy environment at the school in San Pedro, Belize.

The school began a fund-raising campaign to cover the cost of new bathroom facilities and an eco-sensitive septic system with the capability to convert the waste to soil. The new system would provide a healthy environment for the students, and the residents could use the soil produced by the system to raise vegetables in container gardens. They could sell the vegetables to local resorts. But raising the thousands of dollars needed often seemed to be only a dream.  Then in July 2009 the dream came true.  Holy Cross received a United Thank Offering Grant of $41,000.  The grant was announced at the Triennial Meeting of Episcopal Church Women in Anaheim, California.

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