HCAS Receives $41,000 UTO Grant

Holy Cross Anglican School opened in September 2006 with 62 students. When enrollment increased to 512 students in September 2008, inadequate bathroom facilities and an overworked septic system desperately needed to be replaced to continue to provide education in a healthy environment at the school in San Pedro, Belize.

The school began a fund-raising campaign to cover the cost of new bathroom facilities and an eco-sensitive septic system with the capability to convert the waste to soil. The new system would provide a healthy environment for the students, and the residents could use the soil produced by the system to raise vegetables in container gardens. They could sell the vegetables to local resorts. But raising the thousands of dollars needed often seemed to be only a dream.  Then in July 2009 the dream came true.  Holy Cross received a United Thank Offering Grant of $41,000.  The grant was announced at the Triennial Meeting of Episcopal Church Women in Anaheim, California.