HCEF Wins the GlobalGiving.org Green Open Challenge

In just under three weeks, supporters of the Holy Cross Education Foundation (HCEF) raised a total of $35,000 during the Green Open Challenge hosted by GlobalGiving.org. GlobalGiving.org is a non-profit marketplace that aims to connect community-based programs with donors. The Green Open Challenge vied twenty organizations with Green Certified projects against one another for a permanent spot on the GlobalGiving.org website.

Over 150 unique donors contributed to the effort, earning HCEF a permanent spot on GlobalGiving.org. Donations totaled over $25,000, surpassing HCEF’s funding goal. Moreover, by exceeding $25,000 in donation, HCEF raised more money than the nineteen other organizations in the Green Open Challenge and was awarded a $10,000 bonus.

With the $35,000 raised, HCEF will install a combination of wind generators and solar panels on the school’s campus to reliably and more cost effectively power the dental clinic and the computer lab. Holy Cross School will save approximately $30,000 in energy costs per fiscal year, greatly decreasing the operating budget.

Had it not been for the overwhelming generosity and support from the friends and family of HCEF, there would not have been such impactful results.