Letter from Principal Tasher

It is truly a privilege to be the newly appointed principal of Holy Cross Anglican School.

As the head of this great institution, I can assure you that I share in this school community’s dedication to caring for our students while providing them with a meaningful learning environment.

In 2009, I took up the challenging post as vice principal at Holy Cross Anglican School here in San Pedro. Assisting students to reach their full potential has always been my goal in my thirty-plus years as an educator.  Teaching is my passion.

As the new principal, I aspire to a school culture and educational program conducive to student learning and development. I seek to foster positive behavior, student and staff teamwork and cooperation within the school’s environment. My experience has afforded me with tremendous opportunities to establish relationships with staff, students, parents, support staff, and members of the Holy Cross Education Foundation.

Holy Cross Anglican School represents a little paradise for many under-privileged students. This is made possible through donors and volunteers that have visited, heard about our school or searched our website, opening their hearts and giving selflessly.

We are so grateful in how donations from individuals and mission groups have contributed to the development of the school:

  • A feeding program where students get a hot meal daily. 
  • A fully equipped dental lab where students and staff get first class treatment.
  • A computer lab equipped with Chrome books.  Where students participate in computer classes, do research and create Power Point presentations.
  • A playground complete with swings, slides, seesaws, basketball hoops and benches.

Standard VI students have also benefitted from a newly built classroom and scholarship program which grants them tuition for high school, text books, uniforms and other recurring expenses.

Volunteer groups have hosted Summer Camps in Literacy, Math and Bible School programs. They also assisted staff members in the teaching of Math concepts and demonstrate innovative ways to teach creative writing.  We now have a functioning library program where students are assisted twice per week to improve their reading levels.

To conclude, I relish the range of challenges that comes with this new position. I hope that I can further these relationships to make Holy Cross one of the country’s most effective schools which will provide every child the ability to cope with the challenges of the 21st century.

I thank you for your past support and invite you to come along on this journey and be a part of the transformation!

Ms. Olivia Tasher


Holy Cross Anglican Primary School, Belize