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Bring a Mission Team to Holy Cross Anglican School

Holy Cross Anglican Primary School in San Pedro, Belize was built through the gifts and talents of many volunteers and it is donors and volunteers who continue to sustain the school. HCAS has a long and rich history of welcoming teams and individuals looking for a place to volunteer. As San Pedro is a beautiful, safe, English-speaking destination, it is an ideal location for first time mission teams. This includes youth teams, adult teams, college teams, or groups of friends. Where possible, we strive to build strong, ongoing relationships with churches and colleges. Holy Cross sits at the entry to the San Mateo neighborhood, one of the poorest in all of Belize. It is the only school on the island of Ambergris Caye that permits students who cannot pay tuition to attend classes.

Holy Cross is only as strong as its supporters. Since 2006 Holy Cross has educated the most disadvantaged children of San Pedro. Even the smallest involvement has a positive and noticeable impact on the students’ experience, health, and education.

While donors and volunteers have already helped make Holy Cross a special place, there is always more to do. Please see the list below for some ideas on how you can share in our work.

  • General maintenance and repair of the buildings and grounds - cleaning and painting
  • Construction of new classrooms
  • Games, craft instruction, sports camps
  • Vacation Bible School

Volunteer your talents and think outside the box

Your unique skill set can help improve HCAS. Wind and solar energy specialists have volunteered their expertise to help get green energy to the school; educational personnel have helped improve and innovate the school's curriculum; dentists have provided care to HCAS students which improved overall physical health; advocates of the school have published articles and produced videos to spread the word; youth have organized pancake breakfasts to help fund the school. The list goes on.

Whatever your talent or skill we will do our best to find a place to make good use of it.

For more information about bringing a team to Holy Cross Anglican School please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Viviana Paredes, at

Who are our volunteer teams?

A team is any group of people willing to work together to help at our school. Most often these teams are from churches, universities and high schools, though we also have groups of friends, as well as families, come to volunteer.

What do teams volunteer teams do?

It all depends on age, experience and resources, but there are always things that need to be done at the school. It is incredibly rewarding to work on behalf of the local children. We have openings for teams to help with a variety of projects. These projects include playground improvements, painting, and repairing decking. We also need help with a wide variety of essential maintenance projects, including shutter and furniture repair.

When are mission/volunteer teams needed?

• Winter/Spring Break
• Summer – from late June to early August

Individual volunteers:

•If you have skills with computers, or can service printers and copy machines, we could sure use your help in our computer lab.
•From time to time we can also use skilled handymen to help with various maintenance needs around the school.

Everything at the school - from the floorboards to the roofing zinc - has been built and maintained by volunteers. We literally could not do what we do for our community without the ongoing support of volunteers. Let us know if there is a way you would like to help!