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Virginia’s Story

Girl at graduation.

Virginia Vasquez currently works for a real estate closing & title company. She is an agent there and says that she absolutely loves it. “I don’t get to sell anyone any property but I bring the most important document to the table, the Land Certificate!”

Virginia attended the local Catholic school for two years before transferring to Holy Cross. She was placed in Standard 1 and then skipped Standard 2 because “They considered me too “smart” and sent me directly from standard one to standard three. That was scary!” In 2012 Virginia graduated as the Salutatorian of her Holy Cross class. Her three siblings are all also Holy Cross graduates.
Virginia has fond memories of gathering together with her teachers and classmates in the cafeteria each Thursday morning for chapel services. She loved the opportunity to listen to God’s word and to give thanks for the blessings in her life. In her final year at Holy Cross Virginia’s teacher asked the students to write an essay stating why a scholarship would be beneficial for them.

Lonni Skrentner, a retired teacher who volunteers at Holy Cross remembers Virginia as quiet, very hard working and obviously bright.  Being most impressed with Virginia’s essay Lonni and husband Bob chose to sponsor her. So that they could know each other better Lonni and Virginia started meeting for lunch. As the relationship grew, Lonni was involved in choosing dresses for prom and graduation.

Virginia has plans to attain her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. She volunteers with Rotaract, a group affiliated with Rotary International, which is a Global movement that brings people ages 18-30 together to exchange ideas and develop solutions to problems. Virginia dreams of one day being able to bring smiles to current Holy Cross students just like Lonni and Bob have done for her. Lonni says “my husband and I continue to be very proud of her, easily calling her our Belizean daughter!”

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